Firstly, much of any credit for my music must go to the bloke who invented the semiconductor. I often wonder what Mozart would have come up with if he had the benefit of a modern day music worksation at hand.

I started writing songs back in 1999. The first two were Xaler and Puthery using a Korg N364. In 2004 I purchased a Korg Karma for a vast sum of £1500 and suddenly I was spoilt; hundreds of fantastic new sounds! A couple of years later I had thirteen songs in my repertoire and called the album ‘The restricted Zone’.


By 2009 I'had come up with another five songs. I called the revised album with all eighteen tracks: The M-MIX Collection’ (Roman numeral for 2009)



Is me, Bill Cornwell - also know as  Soniclust  



Chill out music is now so encompassing that perhaps easy listening is more specific for my style. All songs are instrumental and I make no apologies for this. However I have tried to be as eclectic as possible with the tracks. Nesh Carrot and Puthery are both North Staffordshire words (Potteries). A Nesh Carrot is someone over sensitive to the cold and Puthery is when the weather is close and cloudy.



You can E mail me below for any further information or if you want to comment. Alternatively for serious enquiries you can phone me on 0771 259 2199.





Bill Cornwell